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What can I say???

Montag, Juni 8th, 2009

Ryan just makes the best Pina Coladas ;-)))

Rainy days…

Freitag, Juni 5th, 2009


Rain – the whole day. Finally I decided to walk down the beach. And it was great! The warm waves around my legs, the rain which was a little bit cooler, from above. I was soaked within a few minutes. After a while I sat down on a part of a stem of a tree in the water. Every other wave was so strong that it splashed on me once it hit the tree. So I watched the waves for a while. Behind me two dogs chased two horses down the beach. But they weren‘ t successful, the horses came back. Though I‘ m not a big horse-fan I think horses on the beach, especially a lonely beach like this one, spread a special atmosphere – of freedom, power, elegance …

On my way back I jumped into the waves for a swim. The waves broke just a few meters off the shore and they were big and strong. But once I was behind the surf it was fun. The raindrops bounced on the surface of the water, it looked like rain peeling off a good impregnated tent or raincoat (not like mine with sucks the water right in and keeps it;-)). I really wished I had a waterproof camera!

At night, after finishing my book in the hammock, I perfected the day with a few beers and a Pina Colada at the bar.


What is it …

Donnerstag, Juni 4th, 2009


Puerto Viejo

… that makes me stay and stay and stay … in the same place, if it‘ s not the beauty of the place or the people or the atmosphere? Don‘ t get me wrong, all of the above is perfect here! But I know that‘ s not what makes me stay.

Maybe I should ask (myself) instead what keeps me from getting back on my bike. Cause cycling is still fun, I‘ m enjoying it, the slow but steady change of things, other people and places, new experiences – even those mountains and hills I‘ m complaining about so much. Many times it‘ s tough, but it‘ s a challenge and a great feeling once I get to the top, sometimes rewarding with great views or fast and fun downhill-rides.

But after a few days off the bike it‘ s always a struggle to get back on. Though I know that as soon as I‘ m out there – it won‘ t even take 5 minutes – I‘ ll enjoy it again. And that should be motivation enough, shouldn‘ t it!?!

So, what is it …?


Yeah, I know…

Mittwoch, Juni 3rd, 2009


Though I packed most of my stuff yesterday and already paid for the room I wasn‘ t too motivated to leave this morning. I had a few beers last night, talked to Ryan about Mexico (he road his motorbike through Central America) and watched some mexican music-videos (I know that I‘ m in Costa Rica here;-)).

I figured that I could stay another day, catch up with my blog, spend my last Colones and go for another swim…

Pura Vida

Dienstag, Juni 2nd, 2009


Costa Rica – Pura Vida. Though this is a beautiful place it‘ s hard for me to imagine to stay here forever. Is it really pure life to chill, drink, smoke, take drugs and talk about how good life is – all day every day? Obviously there are many people here who think so. That‘ s not my world. There‘ s much more out there to discover! This might be paradise, for a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks. But soon it will be time to move on!

Second try…

Montag, Juni 1st, 2009


I woke up and – it was sunny! Bright blue sky, only some tiny clouds, great!

After breakfast I cycled down the road to Manzanillo. A great 14km ride, the road is partly paved, but there are many potholes and other parts (mehr …)