Second try…


I woke up and – it was sunny! Bright blue sky, only some tiny clouds, great!

After breakfast I cycled down the road to Manzanillo. A great 14km ride, the road is partly paved, but there are many potholes and other parts are gravel. But it didn‘ t really matter, cycling without luggage and not being in a rush. I Manzanillo I sat down at the beach for a while, watched some local kids play soccer and relaxed. On my way back I stopped at what I think was Punta Uva and found this gorgeous beach which I had all for myself. It was hot, walking barefoot in the sand I almost burned my feet. I found a nice, shady spot and then jumped into the waves to cool off (if you can talk about cooling of when the watertemperature is 28 degrees C or something like that!). Wow, it was great! But the waves where pretty strong and knocked me over a few times.

After relaxing and reading for a while I cycled back to Puerto Viejo. A great day and I‘ m really glad I stayed.





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