Scenic boat-ride


Rio Dulce – Livingston – Puerto Barrios

4km + boat-ride

Takuya left early today, he‘ s on his way to Antigua. I walked down to the pier to find out about prices for a boat to Livingston. It would be 150 Q for me and my bike but I had to be there in a few minutes cause they were ready to leave. So I walked back to the dorm to get my bike. We put it in the front of the little boat, quit adventurous. The boat ride wasn‘ t only transport, it was kind of touristy. First we rode into the other direction to get a glimpse of the “Lago Isabell”. Later we stopped to watch some birds, then some kids in small kanus came to show us some crabs and other things for a small tip. The boat was going fast and it was pretty bumpy. Then we stopped at a restaurant along the river where you could swim as well – what many people did.

After about 3 hours we finally arrived in Livingston after a very scenic ride.

I had lunch there and decided that I wouldn‘ t stay but take another boat to Puerto Barrios.

That boat ride was … well, I was glad when it was over. We were going so fast that it wasn‘ t enjoyable at all. The boat bounced up and down and always hit the water like it was concrete. I already had a headache and only wanted to find a hotel-room once I arrived in Puerto Barrios. That wasn‘ t as easy as it sounds. All budget-hotels were full, others way too expensive. In the end I stayed at a hotel for 150 Q with aircondition, TV, a single and a queensized bed.

I walked to the market through the dirty and dusty roads, bought some bananas, mangos and bread and stopped at an internet-café before I went back to my room to watch some TV.

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