Another border crossing and more cyclists!


Puerto Barrios (Guatemala) to Omoa (Honduras)

87,9 km, 4:40h, Ø 18,8km/h, 315 hm

Since I knew that it wouldn‘ t be too hilly today I didn‘ t even try to leave early. After finishing my last Nutella and Peanutbutter I was on the road by 10am. The road was very busy for the first 13 km, but then it was a great ride through palmtrees and banana-plantations. After 18 km I got my exit stamp from Guatemala and exchanged some money “on the road”. 20 km later I entered Honduras (3US$). The border crossing was no problem at all. The scenery was great, the honduran people a lot more reserved than the guatemalens. I passed many rivers where hundreds, maybe even thousands of people where swimming.

When I reached Omoa there was even a traffic-jam getting into town. The place was packed and I decided to have a late lunch before looking for a place to stay. So my first meal in Honduras was fried chicken with salad and funny looking fried potatoes – pretty good in combination with a cold beer.

Right next door, at Roli‘ s place, I asked for a place to camp. When I stepped outside again a boy looked at me and said, very excited, “Are you a cyclist? Do you speak english? Wait, my parents want to meet you, we are cyclists, too.” That‘ s how I met Jessie, a 13-year-old boy from Australia. He‘ s cycling with his brother and his parents on 2 tandems. They started in LA and are on their way to Argentina. They already spent a few weeks in Omoa to wait for another cycling family, the Vogels.

It was great to meet other cyclists again and we had a good time sharing some stories.


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