To Rio Dulce


Poptun – Rio Dulce

105,6 km, 5:25h, Ø19,6 km/h, 787 hm


Leaving early? Naaah! It was already 7am once my bike was loaded. So I decided to have a good breakfast at the Finca before leaving. I talked to Rob and Michele who are from the US but living in Mexico for several years now. Time went by fast and it was already 9 am when I left.

It was overcast the whole day what made the temperature a lot more comfortable. After a while

I saw another cyclist taking a break at a busstop – it was Takuya, whom I‘ d met several times before. It was great to see him again, we were both surprised cause we both thought the other one would be a few days ahead. So we cycled together for the rest of the day.

In Rio Dulce we saw a sign for camping. We checked that place out but for whatever reason it wasn‘ t possible to camp there anymore.

Rio Dulce was overflowing with people, the main-road was jammed with cars and people. Too many people. Of course those people were staying somewhere, too. That meant that all those hotels we checked out didn‘ t have any vacancy or were way overpriced for the holidays. Finally we found a dormitory for a reasonable price.

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