Day off in Belize City

What a bed night! It was so hot and I hardly slept at all. The board of wood under my bed on which my mattress was placed was broken (I didn‘ t do it!!!). So my mattress was bent and it was even hotter. Max got up at 5am and left a bit later. I couldn‘ t sleep anymore and got up at 6am, took a shower and sat at the veranda in front of the guesthouse. A moto-biker from Australia talked to me constantly in his strong australien accent. He told me all the things I didn‘ t wanna know, not at 6 am, not before breakfast and not in that dialect. He didn‘ t even try to pronounce the names of cities in Central or South America in a correct way. I‘ m not saying here that my spanish is any good – and my english isn‘ t perfect either – but I couldn‘ t stand that.

Belize City isn‘ t a nice place. Many beggers, self-announced tour-guides, many drug-use …

We walked to a bikeshop where they didn‘ t have any tubes for me. The sight-seeing was pretty short and not very entertaining. Burritos for breakfast, luch and dinner and quit a few beers. Some time at the internet-café, reading, relaxing.

That was Belize City.


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