Crooked Tree to Belize City

… that was our plan. So we got up at 5 am (yes!!!). I got to see hardly any birds, but the sunrise (check out my pics) and the cool and fresh air in the early morning were definitely worth it. It was so nice to walk around without sweating and I enjoyed the quietness of a new day.

We decided not to make a rest day in Crooked Tree, cause there was no CG with hammocks, a fridge full of cool beer next to the Lake, ….

There was really nothing to do, so we left around 9am (after not getting the breakfast we were hoping for) and headed towards Belize City. I was glad that there was still air in my tire – but only till the end of the dirt-road. Trying to pump it up again the valve broke of just by unscrewing it … Max gave me one of his spare tubes and helped me to change the tube. I put some duct-tape around the rim cause I keep getting punctures on the inside – but can‘ t find anything sharp there. I felt so bad about taking the tube from Max, so unprepared … But I can‘ t change it anymore.

We stopped for a snack and a second breakfast beer at a small restaurant along the road. There we met the japanes cyclist again who also stopped for a cold drink. The wind was on our back today and we made good speed. We made another soda-break about 20 km before Belize City. It was sunday today and everybody seemed to come to the store (by bike, car, foot) to do only one thing – buy beer. When we were inside the store, the cashier came and showed us where the beers were!!! No thanks, we didn‘ t want any.

In Belize City we cycled through some one-way-streets – in the wrong direction – and everybody who was out there told us that we were going the wrong way!

We found a tiny, hot 3-bed-room in a guest-house that had at least a nice Veranda and we could lock the bikes in the backyard.

Beer and chinese-food for dinner, another beer at the veranda and going to bed early. In a tent it‘ s ok to be in bed shortly after dark, but laying in a sticky room around 8:30pm somehow just doesn‘ t feel right!

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