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Belize City to San Ignacio

On my own again. Max left yesterday and Wayne is gonna stay another day in Belize City. I got up a bit after 6, took a shower but didn‘ t really get moving. The coffe- and burrito-place across the street opened at 7, so I had breakfsat there. Unfortunately accompanied by that annoying australien moto-biker. He just talked and talked and talked again.

I sat on my bike at 8 am, 29 degrees C! Cycling out of the city was ok, but I missed one turn because I‘ ve been looking at all the people on the road instead of paying attention to the road-signs.

The wind was good and the kilometers flew by. At least during the first half of the day. I met the japanese cyclist whose name I forgot again. We passed each other a few times and had several breaks together. For lunch I ate fried chicken with rice, beans and coleslaw. It was pretty good but way too much!

The second part of the day was a bit more hilly, but the real problem was the heat. At 5pm we arrived in San Ignacio. ? Wanted to cycle the next 10km to the CG while I looked for a place to stay and tried – without success – to find a bikeshop.

The room in the guesthouse is ok for 20 BD, best about it is the balcony, though. I sat there for a while and waited for the air to cool off. But you need a lot of patience for that…

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