My longest day so far ;-)


Escárcega – Becan

147,9 km, 8:37h, Ø 17,1 km/h, 955 hm


This morning I decided not to cycle together with Wayne and Max because I wanted to go at my own speed. So I left a while after them but we met again later on the road. There was a headwind all day and it was pretty hot. During the day I drank about 2,5 l of green-ice.tea, 4 l of soda and 4 l of water! I was really glad that there were so many small places along the road where I could buy cold drinks. The climbs today were neither long nor steep, but somehow neverending. It was already dark when I arrived in Becan, so the last hour of cycling wasn‘ t much fun. The CG there didn‘ t exist anymore, but Max already talked to the owner of a small store and he said we could camp in or behind his garage. This was my longest day on this trip so far.

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