Sign of Life

Hi guys!

Just a short note here to let you know that everything is fine. The last 5 days I cycled together with Max from Austria and Wayne from Australia. We heard many stories (we don t know how many of ‚em are true) about the route between San Cristobal and Palenque being king of dangerous. That‘ s why we decided to cycle there together and everything went well. The first 2 days were very hilly, the last couple of days it was mostly flat – something we all didn‘ t experience for a while.

It seems as if I‘ m actually on my way to Belize now – so that decision is made. It‘ s only about 300 km to Belize, so  my last days in Mexico are counted!

I‘ ll write more once I get to Chetumal which is about 275km away from here.

CU Anja

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