Flat road, headwind and heat…


Becan to Nicolas Bravo

59,6 km, 3h31min, Ø 15,4 km/h, 366 hm


After a warm but good night we got up at 6:30am. Breakfast, packing, the usual morning-routine. At 7:45am we stood in front of the still locked gate of the Maya ruins of Becan. We pushed our bikes around the gate but were told a few minutes later that we had to wait until 8 am. We payed the 41 Pesos entrance fee and walked around the ruins for a while – just in time to stay ahead of a whole bus-load of Germans. The ruins were pretty nice and the site a lot bigger than I expected it.

Back on the bikes we made a short stop at the abarrotes where be camped last night, bought some cold drinks (already 28 degrees C) and try to get some motivation to fight the headwind that was already blowing again.

Though it was a long day for me yesterday my legs felt ok and cycling wasn‘ t as hard as expected … at least for the first 35 km. At a military checkpoint I had to open my panniers and show what‘ s in there. Some questions later – I understood only half of it – I was on my way again. What do they think a cyclists carries in her/his bags???

The wind was picking up around noon and cycling became a lot harder for me. Rolling hills the whole day, but with that wind there wasn‘ t much that was rolling;-).

Max and Wayne were quite a bit ahead of me and had already finished their lunch when I reached Nicolas Bravo. After discussing our options for the night we ended up staying at a “hotel”. The rooms are clean and simple – a bed and a light-bulb. Outdoor toilets and a bucket-bath. But there‘ s really nothing else I need.

Wayne and I had dinner at a small place across the street. We both got ½ deep-fried chicken. There was so much fat around it that it was hard to find the real meat! It was actually pretty bad, but they were just so proud when they served it! A can of beer helped…

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