bike ’n bus


Teuantepec – Juchitan (bike)

Juchitan – Tuxtla (bus)


30 km of flat riding! How nice is that!!!

When I reached Juchitan it was only 10 am. My plan was to make it a short day and then rest and relax for the rest of the day. I cycled around town, but didn‘ t really like it. I didn‘ t feel dangerous there or anything, I just didn‘ t like it. Anyway, I asked for a room at a big (and a bit more expensive) hotel. But before I got a chance to ask the people who worked there ignored me for a few minutes. That already mad me want to leave again. I asked anyway, but they had no vacancy. I couldn‘ t really believe it but felt good when I walked out there again. Just around the corner I found a restaurant where I could sit outside and see my bike. When I ate my Tlayuda which did have way too much cheese and hardly any meat in it, I saw the busterminal across the street.

And before I knew it I had already bought a ticket to Tuxtla!!! What did I do? I didn‘ t even think, I just did it. Then I had to kill 5 hours until the bus left.

In the bus I saw that I missed out on some nice scenery – but also some long climbs. Too bad 😉


At 8:30pm I arrived in Tuxtla. It was already dark and so I was glad to find a hotel just a few hundred meters down the road. Clean, quiet, water, coffeemaker and TV in the room!

I didn‘ t eat anything since the Tlayuda in the morning but didn‘ t want to ride back up to the busterminal where I saw a BK, because about 5 dogs chased me on my way down to the hotel. It‘ s very likely though that they wouldn‘ t even recognize me without my bike. But some cookies will have to do it for now…



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