Papayas, flat land and Volleyball…


Magdalena Tequisistlan – Teuantepec

When I woke up and looked outside the window there was a market at the road in front of the hotel. It was only 7am and everybody was already very busy. Everything was sold there, clothes, food, CDs…


I ate breakfast at the hotel-restaurant, scrambled eggs with bacon, beans, feta and tortillas. Yesterday the owner was very reserved but toaday we talked for quit a while.

When I pushed my bike across the market I had to stop a few times to explain what I was doing. A woman with a fruit-stand said something to me which I didn‘ t understand. I thought she wanted me to buy some fruits and so I just said “no, gracias”. Well, that wasn‘ t what she wanted to hear, so I finally stopped. She was very excited and chose carefully 2 papayas for me. She wanted to give ‚em to me, as a gift! Again, this friendliness!!! I explained her that I already have so much stuff to carry and that 2 are too much for me to eat. Then she gave me one and wished me a good journey. What a great start of the day!!!


Honestly, I don‘ t remember too much of the days ride, only that I thought that I couldn‘ t have done that yesterday. A few km before I reached Teuantepec the road was suddenly flat, there were no mountains anymore and some open space. What a change!


At a farmacia at the entrance of the city I bought a bottle of gatorade, talked to the guy who worked there for a while and he explained me the way to an hotel “economico”. There I got a room without AC and TV but with a ceiling-fan for 150 Pesos. Getting my bike up the the 3rd floor was an adventure itself. Some guys who worked there pulled it up there with a rope!


Later I walked to the internet-café and was surprised to meet the guy there who explained me the way to the hotel. After dinner (hamburguesa con papas) I sat at the plaza for a while and watch some kids at their Volleyball practice. It was interesting to see that they had the same routine as we have in Germany (well, actually it‘ s a bit different at the chaos-team I‘ m playing with, but that‘ s another story;-)). General warm up, playing in pairs, smashing, serving, playing. Wow, Volleyball! I really wanted to play as well!

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