What a day!!!


El Camaron – Magdalena Tequisistlan


74,9 km, 5:54h, Ø 12,6 km/h, 1125hm


When I left El Camaron at 8 am the temperature was already 28 degrees C. It seemded as if the climbing never ended. In the first 2 1/2h I only cycled 15km and climbed 400 hm. And it was getting hotter. A 10km long downhill ride brought me into a small town where I grabbed a cold coke . A few minutes later I was on my way again. The next 25 km were pretty much all uphill – at least that‘ s how I remember it. I didn‘ t expect that – and I‘ n not used to the het yet – and don‘ t know if I ever will! The last 10 km of that climb were a mix of pushing my bike uphill and cycling at about 4 km/h. It wasn‘ t that steep, the grade was ok, but I just couldn‘ t do it … Then the wind started to increase.


At times I only wanted to kick my bike, sit down at the side of the road and cry. But then there was suddenly another town, after 50km and 1000hm. Another coke and sitting in the shade for a while. I wasn‘ t hungry at all, it was too and couldn‘ t eat anything. Even thinking about food made me feel like I had to throw up.


A nice downhill ride and a sprite (yes, I am drinking water as well!!!) in another town. It was 3 pm and I made 70 km so far. Should I try to make it to Teuantepec? In the condition (physically and mentally)I was in it was even stupid to only think about it! The guy who lay in the hammock in front of the store told me that there ws a hotel just down the road. I‘ m glad the heat didn‘ t totally burn my mind and I found myself a few minutes later cycling down the road into a town called Magdalena Tequisistlan which is 2km off the main road. Taxi-drivers waved and honked at me, people on the side of the road stopped and starred at me. I was probably the only gringo in town. As usual a smile from me made a big difference – and many people smiled back at me.


I checked into a pretty nice and clean hotel and took a shower to cool off. The fan in the room didn‘ t help too much and soon I was sweating again. A while later I ate at the hotel-restaurant. It was the best meal I had for a while – and it was a big portion. I had Milanesa de res (Schnitzel!!!) with rice, beans, salad and about 8 hot and tasty tortillas. It was so good!!!


I bought some bananas, water and gatorade and spent some time at the internet-café. When I walked in there I tried to figure out who worked there – but I couldn‘ t. Then a maybe only 10-year-old girl walked over to me and showed me the computer I could use.


Back at the hotel I took another shower and watched some TV.

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