San Cristobal I


The plan was to cycle from Tuxtla to Chiapa de Corzo to visit Laura there. Laura is a friend I met in Guadalajara around New Years. She came to Mexico on a sail-boat, taught english for a few months in Chiapa de Corzo and is now waiting for her brothers to pick her up in their car to drive through Central America and finally end up in Columbia! However, she send me an e-mail telling that she d be in San Cristobal for a couple of days with her friend Ann.

So I took a bus to San Cristobal – and missed my probably longest and hardest climb (1800hm in 50km). I enjoyed the view from the bus, felt a bit like a wimp – but … does it really matter?

In San Cristobal a fresh breeze was blowing – and I realized that I wasn‘ t sweating!!! It felt so good to be in a cooler place! I cycled around for a while and then found the hostel where Max, another cyclist, said he was staying. It took a while and some more mails to finally meet Laura and Ann. It was so good to seeing her again! We had a good breakfast (eggs and beans and cheese) and since it was already noon I ordered some Tacos as well ;-).

We had a great time and I‘ m glad that I got a chance to see her again before she left on her road-trip.

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