Mexico – hablo espanol?


┬áSan Diego – Rosalita

58 km,

Uli, Vera and I left the Youth Hostel in San Diego at 8 am. At 8:30 am we met Sebastien and Sara and cycled together towards the mexican border. We stopped at Wal-Mart to stock up some last supplies – just in case;-). When we arrived at the border we followed the bikepath which took us to the crossing for pedestriens where our bikes didn‘ t fit through the „turning-gate“. Then we took the freeway and crossed the border together with the cars. Noone really cared and we had to cycle back a bit to get our tourist-card. We are allowed to stay in Mexico for 180 days. We didn‘ t get a stemp in our passport, though.

After almost 2 hours we were on our bikes again and cycled through Tijuana. The roads were very busy but the drivers were careful and waved and honked at us a lot. After a long climb we enjoyed a great downhill-ride to Rosalita where we decided to end the day. We found a motel which cost 9 $ for each of us. After a refreshing shower we went to the taqueria next door and ate all different kinds of mexican food: mulas, tacos, burritos, quesadillas… Tasty food at the end of an exciting day!


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