It‘ s hot!



Rosarito – La Fonda



When we started around 7 am it was already very windy and warm. We tried to find a place to eat breakfast but they weren‘ t open. After a while we found a Hotel that offered breakfast. They had an american menu and american prizes but we didn‘ t want to waste more time looking for another place. My bacon didn‘ t taste too good but the pancakes where great.

It was already 9:15am when we hit the road again – too late when in this weather conditions. There wasn‘ t much traffic on the hilly road which had 2 lanes in each direction most of the time. We cycled right next to the Pacific and had some awesome views and even saw some whales.

It was very interesting to watch the waves coming from two directions at the same time, I never saw that before. The temperature rose up to 34 degrees C in the shade – but there was no shade most of the time!

When we arrived in La Fonda we only wanted to make a bathroom-break and buy something to drink. Then we found out that there wasn‘ t much between there and Ensenada (at least nothing affordable). It was only 12:30 pm and we wanted to go on for a while, but the wind was so strong that we couldn‘ t make it to Ensenada. Finally the five of us took a big room with four beds and a great balcony with an unbelievable view of the ocean. I never thought that I would stay at a place like this – for only 10 $ per person!

We relaxed for a while and enjoyed the half day off. Later Uli and I took a short bath in the ocean. It was cold but very refreshing! For dinner we walked down to the restaurant of the motel and were surprised when we got a bean soup, a salad and even a “mexican coffee” (coffee with kahlua) for desert together with the meal we ordered. It was a touristy place that seemed as if it was made for US-weekend-travellers, but they had good food.

Now we are all back at our room, writing our journals and learning spanish. It makes it a lot easier that Vera speaks good spanish, my spanish is still … let‘ s not talk about it!


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