Last day in the US


San Diego

Two days ago I arrived here in San Diego, by train. It was a great surprise that Uli and Vera picked me up at the Amtrak-Station. Together we cycled to the Youth Hostel where I checked into a 10-bed-room for 3 nights (I want my tent!!!). Yesterday we cycled to an outdoor store and then I went to a bikeshop to let a „specialist“ take a  look at my bike since I was worried because of all those broken spokes lately. The guys at the bikeshop where great but unfortunately they told me that I needed a new rim (with new spokes of course). Well, I just hope that it‘ ll work!!!

Today I cycled 16km across San Diego, through a canyon, to get to REI, another outdoor-store. There I bought a new pair of long pants, a shirt, a water-filter and some other things. Later I stopped at the bookshop to get some maps and books about Mexico and Middle America. Then Vera, Uli and me had dinner at a Thai-Reataurant. The food was ok, but the Thai-Food I had in San Francisco was a lot better.

Tomorrow is the big day, we‘ ll meet Sara and Sébastien, a french couple, a few blocks away from the Youth Hostel at 8:30am and then we‘ ll cycle to Mexico together. We are all pretty excited.

 I spent almost 4 month in the US now. I had a great time but I  think I‘ m ready to go. Later I might write more about it, maybe a short summary. But now I‘ m looking forward to cycling in Mexico. I‘ m curious, don‘ t really know what to expect and I don‘ t speak any spanish, yet. It‘ s gonna be an interesting time!!!

Last time from the US,


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