Reat Day – Monterey

20km, total 4045,3km 


Caleb tried to replace my broken spoke but his tool was the wrong size. So I had to go to the bikeshop again. Since it didn‘ t ‚till 10am I went to the grocery store first, then had a coffee at „It‘ s a grind!“ and went to the post office to send some things to Germany. There a woman from Salina was asked me many questions about my trip and invited me to stay at her house at night. After I got my bike fixed I felt like it was too late to get started. I cycled around Monterey, checked out the Cannery Row, watched some seals and Pelicans in the bay and strolled along Fisherman‘ s Wharf where I ate some tasty garlic bread.  I met Caleb and ? again who were hoping to get a ride to LA.

Back at the campground I talked to 2 homeless guys who camped there, too. They always stay 3 nights at the campground, then they have to leave for one night and come back after that. Sometimes, when I meet people on loaded bicycles it‘ s hard to tell if they are travellers or homeless.

After dark 4 cyclists arrived but they camped next to the hiker/biker site because they where accompanied by someone in a car. Like usual I hit the sack early – about 10 hours of sleep every night, I love it!!!

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