Beautiful Big Sur – on a gray day


Monterey – Lucia

102 km, total 4147,3 km

I left the campground at 9:15am. The day started with a hard climb at the Skyline Drive which was followed by a great downhill-ride. Near Carmel I stopped to get a coffee and some bananas. It was a very gray day and the world-famous coast along Big Sur looked kind of rough. In the afternoon it started to rain for about an hour. 

According to my map I was pretty close to the Linekin SP where I wanted to stay when it was getting dark – but it wasn‘ t there. After passing the town of Lucia I finally reached the park – and it was closed for the season. I didn‘ t know how far it was to the next campground, it was dark and started to rain again. That‘ s why I decided to pitch my tent behind a bulldozer at the side of the road. Hiding behind those big tires the cars could‘ t see me. Nevertheless, it was a not so good night. It was windy, it rained once in a while and I woke up with every passing car. But at least that means that I must have fallen asleep sometime.

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