Elephant Seals and a great tailwind


Lucia – San Simeon SP

64 km, total 4211,3  km

Already at 4:30am the night was over. I packed my stuff together and loaded my bike in the dark. Then I had to wait until 6 am to get on the road, because it wasn‘ t light enough before. It was a great feeling to cycle that early. There was hardly any traffic and I took my time. At 10 am I reached Ragged Point, a very beautiful spot at the coast. There I met Erwin, a 74 year old guy from Bavaria. He flew into Mexiko-City travels around by public transportation to escape the german winter. He‘ s on his way south now and wants to go to Columbia. He had some interesting stories to tell. Then I met 3 cyclists from San Luis Obispo who where out for a few days.

After a 2 hour long break I was on my bike again and enjoyed an awesome tailwind. Near San Simeon I stopped to watch the Elephant Seals at the beach. There are so many of them an they are a real tourist attraction. Only a few miles later I decided to stop at the San Simeon State Park for the day. That was the cheapest campground so far – only 2 $.

At the hiker-biker site I met Leroy, a „different“ guy who had a lot to tell. He invited me to have a piece of grilled chicken and some potatoe-salad. After dinner I walked over to the beach and got to watch another beautiful sunset. Later I sat at the campfire with Leroy for a while before I crawled into my tent early. I was very tired after the almost sleepless night yesterday.

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