Farms, fields and another broken spoke…


Santa Cruz – Monterey

80km, total 4025,3km


As usual my day started kind of slow. Since Margaret didn‘ t feel like cycling she explained me how to get back on the Pacific Coast Bike Route. At 10:45am I said goodbye and after a coffee and donut stop I was on my way again. The route took me close along the coast where I stopped for a while to watch some surfers trying to catch the waves. Later on I cycled through many fields with strawberries, artichokes and brussel sprouts and saw many hispanic farmworkers. Once in a while I caught a glimps of the Monterey Bay.

The strawberries smelled so good that I stopped at a roadside fruit stand to buy some. While I sat there and ate my strawberries I saw two cyclisist passing by.

A few km passed Castroville a bikepath began which was supposed to lead me all the way to Monterey. In Seaside the bikepath disappeared – I don‘ t know if I missed a turn or what happened. So I just stayed on the road and after a while I was back on the trail. I stopped at Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey and a cyclist explained how I could get to the Veteran’s Memorial Park where the campground is at. It was already getting dark when I climbed the hill to the campground.

The two cyclists who passed me earlier arrived almost at the same time. Caleb and ? started in Oregon. I pitched my tent for the first time after 18 (!!!!!!!) nights. I‘ m back the world of picknick-tables, headlamps and raccoons. There is a warning at this campground which says that there are many raccoons out here, that they are very aggressive and NOT afraid of humans. I‘ m really looking forward to this night!

From this campground you can actually hear the sealions down at the bay – unfortunately you can hear the police-cars, too.

Tomorrow I have to find a bikeshop because I have another broken spoke:-(. It was a great cycling day in mostly flat terrain. The sun was shining the whole day and it was around 18 degrees C warm, great temperature for cycling.

It‘ s only 7:50pm, I guess I‘ ll read for a while and then I‘ ll try to sleep – back in the real world;-)

Have a good one,


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