Hangin‘ out in Santa Cruz…

Around 8am I woke up and couldn‘ t make up my mind if I should move on south or stay a day in Santa Cruz. After a scrambled egg and toast breakfast I decided to stay another night. Margaret had an appointment downtown at noon, so I went their with her and she showed me the way to the post office and to the bike shop. In front of the bike shop I met Jill, another cyclist. She just boxed her bike and was getting ready to get on the bus to LA. She started her biketrip in Portland together with two friends but it didn‘ t work out too good – so she decided to end the trip in Santa Cruz, go to LA to work for a while and plan another trip. We had some pizza for lunch and I helped her to bring her stuff to the busstation. It was nice talking to her and I‘ ll give her a call when I‘ m in the LA area.

Later I cycled down to the beach where I was getting a bit jealous when I saw some people play Beach-Volleyball! (Hey ihr Vollies, I‘ m thinking about you at least every Tuesday!!!) Then I met Margaret again in town, we had a coffee and cycled back to her appartment where Cassie was already waiting to go for a walk.

Now I‘ m sitting here, updating my journal while Margaret is at a Hip Hop concert. Tomorrow I‘ ll be on the road again, cycling to Monterey.

Take care,


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