Christmas … already?


Davis – Vacaville

43,2 km,  total 3745,9 km

Around 9:30 am I hit the road. Since my map doesn‘ t show many small roads I looked ‚em up on the internet and wrote ‚em down. It felt like I was on a treasure hunt;-). (make a right on Old Davis after 0.8 miles, make a left on …). I only got lost once in Davis but found my way again quickly. With a good wind blowing from the east I „zick-zacked“ along I-80. For a change the sun didn‘ t shine today, 17 degrees C were a good temperature for cycling though. Around noon I already reached Vacaville where I wanted to stop at the Premium Outlet Stores. 

I didn‘ t really know what to do – I really wanted to keep cycling but didn‘ t really know where to go. Jan, who I met on the road some weeks ago, lives in Tiburon, north of San Francisco. She invited me to stay there, but it was too far away to get there today. Kathrin, my friend in San Francisco, had to work late today. So I decided to have in easy day and stay in Vacaville. No Campground around – another night at a motel. It felt kind of weired to check in at 1 pm already! I watched TV, took a shower and took a nap – I don‘ t have a clue why I was so tired. When I woke up it was already 4:30pm. Outside I heard something but didn‘ t know what it was – when I opened the door I saw it: it was raining;-).

I walked to the Outlet Mall, checked out some stores but wasn‘ t really in the mood for shopping. At one store something felt wrong: they actually played a Christmas Song!!! I couldn‘ t believe it!!! It‘ s not even November yet! At Wal-Mart, next door, I bought a new propane-thing for my stove and some groceries.

Tomorrow I‘ ll cycle to Vallejo, about 50km, and take the ferry to San Francisco where I‘ ll hopefully stay with Kathrin.

Time to go to bed;-).


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