The City

Vacaville – San Francisco

57,6 km, total 3803,5 km

Today I reached San Francisco (The City). It was a treasure hunt ride again. I only got lost once (!!!) but found the right way again easily. A few times it started to rain, but just for a few minutes. My directions said that I should take a frontage road of I-80 but the gate was closed ;-(. I talked to 2 guys who seemed to e working there but they didn‘ t know an alternate route to the freeway. Since I didn‘ t want to make an at least 20-mile long detour I cycled on the freeway for about 3 miles. I pedaled as fast as I could, more concerned about the cops as the traffic. The shoulder was ok, I felt pretty safe.

After I left the freeway there was a great downhill ride on the American Road. When I reached the Ferry Terminal the ferry was ready to leave for San Francisco, butthey waited until I bought my ticket.

In San Francisco I waited for Kathrin, who I‘ m staying with, because she was still at work. On our way to the Lemongrass Thai Restaurant we saw the Critical Mass ride, hundreds – or maybe thousands of cyclist – many of them dressed up for Halloween. After a great dinner we had another beer in a bar before we walked home.

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