On the road again…



Roseville – Davis

89,6 km, av. sp. 19,2 km/h, total 3702,7 km

Hi there!

After 10 lazy days I‘ m almost on the road again. Though I had a great time here in Roseville I‘ m looking forward to getting back on my bike again.

Linda and Mark (the neighbor who me and Tori got to fly with yesterday;-)) are gonna cycle with me and show me a way that avoids getting on busy Sunrise Blvd. We‘ ll have breakfast in a few minutes and then I‘ ll be out there again!

After a good harsbrowns + eggs breakfast, checking tire-pressure, finding a fitting helmet for Linda and taking some pictures it was almost 11am when we were finally on our way. I wanted to get back to the bike-path along the American River. Instead of taking Sunrise Blvd., which is very busy and doesn‘ t have a shoulder most of the time, Mark lead us 15 km through some neighborhoods and along roads with bike-lanes to Beals Point at Folsom Lake, the beginning/end of the 48 km  long bike-path to/from Sacramento. There were some small climbs, but it was a great ride. Having some company cycling the miles just flew by.   


Mark and Linda

Mark decided that he would join me for a few more miles while Linda was on her way back home after saying goodbye. It was a beautiful and fun ride in the sun. It was 16 km longer than taking the busy road – but it was totally worth it. 17 km later Mark turned around to cycle back to Roseville. 

And here I go again on my own, going … Being totally motivated I pedaled hard and made it to Sacramento by 2:15pm. Since I‘ d been there befor I didn‘ t get lost this time ;-). At a Cookie, Banana and Coke stop in West Sacramento I felt that my legs were getting tired though. Cycling along the Yolo-Causeway (bikepath next to I-80, seperated by a high fence)  I decided not to go any further than Davis – though I kind of wanted to. I‘ m staying at the Motel 6 which is actually the cleanest Motel of this chain I ever stayed at. After a Sub-Sandwich and a beer for dinner I‘ m ready to go to bed! (or should I rather update the blog?!?)

Happy cycling!!!

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