Storm and rain in Yachats


South Beach State Park – Yachats

35 km

Today was a short, wet cycling day. It started to rain at 3 am and didn‘ t really stop the whole day. Though I expected a bad headwind there was almost no wind in the morning.

I started around 11:30 am, it was an easy ride, the climbs were neither long nor steep. After crossing the bridge into Waldport I met Vera and Uli again, the two cyclists from Germany I met yesterday.  We had lunch together – I had some Clamchowder and French Dip – and dried our wet clothes. The woman who worked there warned us about a storm that was supposed to blow with up to 60 miles/hour in the evening.

We hit the road again, the rain became worse and just when we reached Yachats where me wanted to stop at the (highly recommended) Green Salmon Café the storm began. Unfortunately the Café was closed. The Campground was still 13 miles away and only had 2 Yurts which we didn‘ t expect to be vacant on a friday night.

After meeting the 3 cyclists from California again who I already met near Port Angeles in Washington we turned around and cycled back to the Fire Place Motel we passed about a mile earlier. Though it‘ s quite expensive to stay here (compared to the 4 $ Hiker / Biker Sites here in Oregon) I‘ m glad that I didn‘ t ride on to the campground. It really is a storm that‘ s blowing outside! I spread all my wet clothes and my tent in my room to let it dry. According to the weather forecast the weather is supposed to stay like this at least tomorrow. I‘ m still hoping that it‘ ll be good enough to ride at least ‚till the early afternoon. If it stays like it is now there‘ s NO way to cycle tomorrow. But since the weather just was pretty good for about a week I‘ m not complaining – I guess I can‘ t expect sunshine everyday;-).

Have a great weekend!!!


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