Rest Day in South Beach


Rest Day – South Beach

15 km, rain, rain and more rain


When I got up at 7 am it just started to rain. After boiling water for coffee and oatmeal I crawled back in my sleeping-bag and had breakfast. Later I met Adam and Kate, two canadian cyclists who are going to the mexican border Uli and Vera, 2 teachers from Germany in their Sabbatical. They started in Anchorage as well and are headed to Cancun. There they‘ ll get on a plane and fly to Ushuaia to cycle up north from there. After chatting with them for a while I decided to stay another night at the campground.

We spent the day together in Newport. We went to the Maritime Science Museum which was quite interesting. Since we were getting hungry we cycled to a small pizza-place where we ate some really good pizza and spent some time on the internet. Around 5pm we rode to the bike-shop. That‘ s a pretty cool place where cyclists can do their laundry, take a shower and hang out. On our way back to the campground I bought a new battery for my speedometer. But I think there is something else wrong with it because it‘ s still not working very well. I have to figure out what to do about it.

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