Yesterday I crossed the border into Oregon! To get there I had to ride acrosse the Columbia River on a long bridge (about 6km) with a verz small shoolder. Moreover there was a strong headwind, so I had to hold on to my handlebars very tight when cars and trucks were passing me. I stayed at the Nehelam Bay State Park. They have a nice Hiker/Biker Site there. 8 years ago I stayed at the same Campground – memories are coming back;-).

Erich, a cyclist from Colorado, staeyd there as well. He‘ s on his way to Seattle, moving north. We sat at the campfire last night, drank some beers and talked about our trips, having a good time.

Now I’m at the public library in Tillamook. The last 2 days the weather was pretty good (I even bought some sunscreen), today it looks a bit like it might start to rain, but so far it‘ s dry.Tonight I’ll stay at the Cape Lookout Statepark, about 13 miles away from here. My time at the library is almost up and I have to get back on my bike again.


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