Huge waves, big rocks, great views.


Yachats – Honeyman SP

55km, cloudy

We didn‘ t leave the motel untill 10:30am. Then we had breakfast at the „Green Salmon“, a hippie-cafĂ©. I had a delicious Egg/Sausage Sandwich and an hour later we were ready to hit the road.

We stopped at uncountable viewpoints along HWY 101 and watched the huge waves and saw many sealions. Sometimes it even got a little brighter but the sun could‘ t make it through the heavy clouds.

We saw the Heceta Head Lighthouse which is the most photographed lighthouse. We passed another tunnel in which some stupid cardrivers thought it was funny to honk at us. Again many people asked us where we are from, where we started and where we‘ re going. I really enjoy talking to people but after a while it gets kind of annoying to answer the same questions over and over again.

10 miles before we reached Florence another spoke broke! I can‘ t believe it! I got it fixed at the 101 bike and guitar shop in Florence, bought a pair of new brakepads as well and rinsed all the dirt off my bike. Uli and Vera picked me up at the bikeshop, we stopped at the grocery store and cycled through Old Town Florence which was kind of neat with a small harbor and an old bridge.

When we reached Honeyman SP we found out that the hiker/biker sites were already closed for the season but there were some regular campsites we could stay at for the hiker/biker rate.

We had tomato-soup with pasta and hotdogs for dinner, found a good tree to secure our food from the raccoons and went to sleep.

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