Gettin‘ started…

Hi there!  (19.08.08)


I did it – I’m on the road, rode about 72km today and I’m really done for today! I found my way out of Anchorage onto the Glenn Highway without getting lost, not bad, hihi. All I had to do was to follow the Glenn Highway but that wasn’t too easy, because it’s big and there’s a lot of traffic – you can compare it to the Autobahn. There were signs saying that bicycles and pedestrians were prohibited, but often there was no option. The Highway Patrol didn’t stop me, so I guess it was ok.

Sometimes there was a bike path along the Highway and for a few km I could take roads that were parallel to it. Now I’m staying at “The Homestead RV Park” (17$ including hot showers), it’s about 10km to Palmer from here. I already pitched my new tent (for the first time), ate tuna sandwiches and bananas for dinner and took a long, hot shower. Now I’m laying in my tent while outside the mosquitoes are waiting for me. When I was resting at the Thunderbird Falls a french-american couple gave me their bear-spray since they luckily didn‘ t need it and are flying home tomorrow. Thanks guys – I’m just hoping I won’t need it either!

I didn’t take any pictures today since there was no possibility to stop on the Highway and when I got off the view wasn’t as good. It‘ s really a nice scenery I’m riding through. I’m sure I’ll take more than enough pictures the next days. I just hope the weather stays as nice as it was today: almost no wind and about 20° C.

That’s it so far, I‘ ll just pack my things together, read a bit and hopefully fall asleep right away then, although the Highway isn‘ t too far away and there‘ s still a lot of traffic.

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