I’m on my way…

Good Evening! (21.08.08)

After a hard days ride I’m staying at the grandview RV Park at Glenn Highway (Milepost 109.5). Before I could leave the King Mountain State Park(15$, no showers, no water), where  stayed last night I had to put a new tube into my wheel because I had my first flat tire. After that I drank a coffee at the small store just down the road and wasn’t on my way until noon. I had a hard time finding my rythm, going uphill pretty much all the time didn‘ t make it easier. At a construction area I had to throw my bike on the pilot car and got a free ride for about 5 miles. The scenery was awesome again, I road along the Matanuska River and then I saw the Matanuska Glacier. It‘ s hard to describe, you’ll see the pictures later. Finally I made it to the RV Park and I really have a grand view looking out of my tent. It just starts to rain, but my tent already passed the rain-test yesterday night. If it stays as hilly as it was so far I‘ ll need two days for the appr. 80miles to Glennallen. More later, I‘ m really tired and just want to sleep;-).



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