Bow to Chicago

Hi there!

I know, it’s been a while… By now our roadtrip is over. We had a great time and were kind of busy – that’s why I didn’t get a chance to update my blog.

After 3 nights in BOW at the Rubin Family we had to say goodbye – thanks again, we had a great time staying with you!!! When we reached our destination, Cayuga Lake, which is one of the Fimgerlakes, it started to rain. But that couldn‘ t stop us – we pitched our tents and started our BBQ anyways. Though we could hear thunder far away and it rained all night our tents did a good job and we stayed dry.

The next day we hiked along the rim of Taughannock Fall and then down to the Fall, which is higher than the Niagara Falls but not as wide. It was quite hot and we took we had a lot of fun taking some pictures. Later we swam in the Cayuga Lake and were very impressed to see four (4!!!) lifeguards on duty at the small swimming area. After the refreshing bath we drove to Ithaca – a different kind of City (that’s all we’ll say about it;-)). At night we had another BBQ and sat at the campfire toasting marhmallows, drinking beer and singing some songs.

Thursday, august 7th, we drove to the Niagara Falls. It was pretty crowded there and we had to pay 10$ for parking. We walked across the rainbow-bridge and entered Canada. At first we walked to the Falls, than we made a boat-tour which took us very close to the Falls. It was very impressing, loud, wet and windy down there. And we all looked kind of funny in our free blue rain-ponchos.

Back in the US we drove along Lake Erie when a thunderstorm came up. We just stopped to grab some food which we had to eat in the car when the rain started to pour down. Since it didn‘ t stop for a while we decided not to go camping but to drive some more miles. We stayed at a Days Inn, played some card-games and were glad that we didn‘ t get all wet.

I think I’ll stop here for now because it’s getting late and tomorrow is the big day. It‘ ll be the first day of my bike trip!!! I can‘ t believe it and it will probably take a while until I can ;-). I’m really looking forward to load up my bike and get out there!

Good night,


My bike is loaded and I already know that I’m carrying way too much stuff with me. It‘ s always the same. When I have to climb the first passes it’ll be the time to decide what I don’t need and send it back home or just throw it away. It‘ s already 10:42am, a late start. The plan is to cycle about 70km to Palmer. Ok, I’m outa here!!!


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