Plymouth, Boston & BOW

Hi there!


The first week of our road trip is already over and I guess it’s time to start writing in English.


Friday was our first long driving day. We got up at 7am and started with our first self-made breakfast (no fast food!!!) – bagels, cream cheese, turkey and cheese slices, chocolate milk and fruit juice. We left Piscataway around 9am and arrived at the campground in Plymouth at 5pm (8 hours of driving). The campground was very expensive. There were only 2 adults allowed on one site, that’s why we had to pay for two sites. Though they where next to each other we only used one (don’t tell anyone;-)).

We went for a swim at the campground-lake what was very refreshing. After that we drove down to Plymouth, had a look at the Mayflower II and checked out a few restaurants ‚till we found one that seemed to be a good choice. We ordered a sea-food platter (fried clams, shrimps, scallops …) for two for the four of us. And – surprise, surprise – though we are all good eaters we couldn‘ t eat it all – that was quite disappointing. The food was very good and it seemed as if many locales where buying their dinner there as well. On our way back to the campground we stopped at a liquor store (in Massachusettes you can buy alcohol only at liquor stores, not at regular grocery stores) and bought some beer. We had a hard time getting our campfire started since the firewood we bought was a little wet. We had a great time sitting near the fire, drinking beer and watching our neighbors who arrived late and tried to set up their tent in the dark reading the manual.


On Saturday we left the campground around 10:30am. We drove to a town called Braintree where we took the train to Boston. There we walked along the Freedom Trail which is a red line that leads the curious tourist to all the important and interesting sights of Boston. Just when a thunderstorm began we sat again in the train back to Braintree. We still had to drive 1 1/2h to visit Annikas‘ cousin Hanne and her family in BOW. They welcomed us very friendly and made us feel at home.


Sunday morning we ate a great breakfast with different kinds of delicious bagels.        Then the four of us and aunti Gudrun drove to Hampton Beach. We swam in the Atlantic Ocean – the watertemperature was perfect and we had a great time. Suddenly the sky was full of dark clouds and the lifeguards told everybody to leave the beach instantly. It was quite an adventure to watch everybody rush away from the beach. A pretty bad thunderstorm started just a few minutes later – but we where safe in our car again. Then we spent some time at the Kittery Outlet Stores before driving back to bow where Hanne and Richard had already prepared a delicious dinner with steak, chicken, salad, corn on the cob and baked potatoes. Later we played the game „Zug um Zug“.


Monday morning we drove to the Lost River Gorge where we walked, crawled and robbed through some cages. We had a lot of fun there. Later we drove along a scenic route and got some nice views of the mountains and stopped at a waterfall – the water was pretty cold but there where people swimming..

Our next destination was North Convey – another Factory Outlet Center. I bought a new waterbladder for my camelback and a pair of sunglasses. We arrived back in BOW around 8:30pm, had some dinner and planned the next few days of our trip. We’ll stay at campgrounds the next days and we probably won’t be on the internet for a while.


Take care,

Die Walker (AAAD)

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