Flying back to Germany


While writing this I‘ m sitting at the airport in New York (JFK). I have a 9 hour layover here – quite a long time, especially after only about 2 hours of sleep! To make things worse I have to psh my luggage around, because I‘ m flying with Air Berlin from here. From Jacksonville to New York I flew with JetBlue. The good thing was that they didn‘ t charge me for the bike. They had a promotion because of the Tour de France and bikes flew for free this month.

It took me about a week to cycle from Miami Beach to Jacksonville. Not very exciting, but I might write a bit about it later.

The last 4 days I spent with Larry and Lin, I had a great time with them and the days were over way too fast. Larry was so kind to drive me to the airport this morning, leaving his house already at 4am!

I drove around in the AirTrain a bit and wanted to stay at the Terminal where I have to check in later. But since they didn‘ t have free wi-fi there I got back on the AirTrain back to the JetBlue Terminal where I came from.

I will arrive in Düsseldorf tomorrow morning, so my plan was to put my bike back together and cycle 50km or so. Larry just laughed when I told him that and said that I‘ ll probably take a Taxi to the next hotel and sleep the whole day … Well, we‘ ll see;-).

I guess it‘ s time for another AirTrain ride, before I fall asleep here and miss my flight!

BTW, my bike-box has never been in so good shape after a flight! It pretty much looks the way it did when I checked it in! The less money you pay for it the better care they take of it!!! (that sentence doesn‘ t really sound correct, but I think you get the idea!)

CU in Germany


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