Riding again … with a hurting butt ;-)


56,6km, 2:51h, Ø 19,7 km/h, 127 hm


This morning I could finally pick up my bike from the bikeshop across the street from the hostel in Miami Beach where I stayed since monday. I didn‘ t plan to stay that long, but they had to order new shifters which didn‘ t arrive till yesterday afternoon. So I spent the last days with checking flight-prices to Denver where I wanted to visit Laura for a few day while waiting for my bike (but the prices were just outraegous, I even went to the airport to check on last-minute deals, but it was ridiculously expensive – that was too bad because I was really looking forward to spending a few days with Laura in Colorado, but I guess I can‘ t have everything;-)), reading, walking through Miami Beach, shopping and going to the beach. Miami Beach isn‘ t the right kind of city fo me, it‘ s the super-dooper party-city. I prefer it a bit more quiet – and those quiet spots were hard to find there. At the hostel I met so many different people – nice, fun, interesting and a couple realy crazy ones! So at least it didn‘ t get boring.

Today I actually already got up at 6am and went to the Lincoln Road Mall with Amanda. No, no shopping today, I did that yesterday. Amanda wanted to take pictures of some sculptures there and I wanted to practice a bit on the skateboard I bought yesterday (I always wanted to have one of those longboards, now I do!) without too many people around. It was already pretty warm – sweating at 6am already!!! How would that be 6 hours later on my bike?!?

At 8:30am I ate breakfast at the hostel (breakfast, lunch and dinner are included), then packed my things and picked up my bike at 10am. New shifters and cables, cassette, chain, pedales and tightened spokes – should be as good as new!

It was already 11am by the time I cycled north on the Ocean Drive (A1A). The many stopplights were pretty annoying at first because I just couldn‘ t make it before they turned red.

After a while it got better, less stopplights and a better rhythm. The road was, except for 4 bridges, totally flat. For a while I left the road to cycle right on the boardwalk, with oceanview. Pretty nice. I cycled past many beaches and even more appartment-blocks and hotels.

I had a hard time to find a store, gas-station, restaurant or whatever on my side of the road to get more water. The traffic wasn‘ t too bad but I didn‘ t want to cross the road because it was a divided highway. Finally I had to because I was very thirsty. Finally I did it anyway and bought some Powerade, water and baby-carrots at a grocery-store. I sat in the shade for a while, put some more sunscreen on and then convinced myself to get back into the heat.

I cycled past the Fort-Lauderdale/Hollywood airport and back at the beach I stopped and relaxed in the shade of a palm-tree for a while. The water looked so refreshing, but I was too lazy to change into my swimsuit.

Some kilometers later I decided to stop for the day and checked into a hotel in what I think is called Lauderdale by the sea. But I‘ m not sure, the towns here just merge into each other.

At the grocery store I bought a 12 “ turkey and cheese sandwich for dinner. I wanted to eat half of it at the beach and save the rest for breakfast tomorrow (there‘ s a fridge in my room). But I couldn‘ t find any beach-access nearby!!! Everything was blocked by huge buildings full of appartements. So I walked back to the hotel and ate the sandwich in my room. I was starving and ate the whole thing! There‘ s free continental breakfast here tomorrow morning at 8am. So I‘ ll eat there before I leave.

It was a very easy ride today, all flat and some great ocean-views. Nevertheless my butt hurt when I got here – from my first (and hopefully last) crash on my skateboard;-). I guess I was a bit too cool cruising towards the boardwalk with a cup of coffee in my hand – I saw the whole, but it was too late. At least I saved my coffee!

Moreover I have a little cold, sweating – AC – sweating – AC, that‘ s what you get then. I‘ m looking forward to going to bed soon, in my huge kingsize-bed.


Good night


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