Camping …


Penonomé – Chame

72,5km, 4:11h, 17,3km/h, 515hm


Wow, I really felt that wine I drank last night when I got up this morning! So I was even slower than usual and ate breakfast at the hotel-restaurant. It was almost 10:30am when I was back on the oad. The day was pretty uneventful. I wanted to stop in Coronado for the night, but the hotel was 75$ for one person!!! I didn‘ t feel like a sidetrip to the beach to check out prices there. The woman at the hotel said there was another hotel in Chame, only a few kilometers further. So I kept on cycling, but couldn‘ t find a hotel there. Some guys at a fruit stand told me that other cyclists had stayed at the fire station across the street. So I asked there and only minutes later I pitched my tent behind the fire-station! I really didn‘ t think that I would make use of my tent again! The guys at the fire-station were all friendly and pretty curious about my gear. I had dinner at the chinese restaurant and then brought back a big box of ice-cream (from the chinese supermarket). So we had some ice-cream together and I was in my tent by 9pm.

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