Rollin‘, rollin‘, rollin‘!!!


Santiago – Penonomé

96,1km, 4:57h, Ø19,3km/h, 294hm


It was a nice but uneventful ride today, most of the day it was overcast, around 29degrees. It was pretty flat and I cycled further than I wanted to, but it was so nice. Panamenians are very friendly and like to wave, honk and greet a lot.

I checked onto a hotel for 26.40$. More than I usually pay, but the room was great! Maybe even the best room I satyed at! I felt kind of out of place there in my sweaty bikeclothes, but what the heck…

There was even a hair-dryer in my room! But it didn‘ t work or I was too stupid to use it.

I walked to the huge supermarket across the road and bought a box of cheap red wine. Since I didn‘ t eat anything since breakfast it worked pretty good. I must have been drunk, cause I actually paid 5 $ (!!!) for 2 hours of wi-fi which only worked in the lobby!!!

After some time on the internet I ate fish with a garlic-salsa and salad for dinner. The rest of the evening I kept going back ond forth between my airconditioned room at the 2nd floor (40 steps;-)) to drink some wine and watch TV and the lobby to be on the internet.

So I was up pretty late and knew I wouldn‘ t be getting up early the next morning!


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