19.05.09 – 22.05.09

Why did I stay here all the time? Well, I don‘ t know for sure, but I did. A whole week of extrem-chilling. I saw many people come and go, some left and came back, and a nice guy from Quebec stayed as long as I did. He always wanted to go back to the beach the next day, I wanted to get back on my bike. So we had this running-gag going on after a while, about wanting to leave the next day, yeah, maybe, let‘ s see after breakfast.

Breakfast, as I already said, was really good. The first morning I was asked if I wanted 1 or 2 pancakes. And, of course, I said 2. I mean, what‘ s 1 pancake!?! Here it‘ s a lot! The pancakes were pretty big – and good – but I fought and I won! Some more syrup and coffee and the pancakes were gone;-).


I have enough of the hostel-life and am ready to leave tomorrow. I had a pretty bad headache yesterday morning and this morning. Guess I didn‘ t drink enough (water) and lay around too much. Or maybe it‘ s from the smell of weed all day long… Time to get out off here!!!

But what can I say? Ask me tomorrow after breakfast!!!

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