And another day in San José…


What a bad night! The 8-bed-dorm I‘ m sleeping in was occupied again last night. Actually it was overbooked. A guy came in the room around 10 pm and asserted that someone else was sleeping in his bed;). Sleeping, oh yeah. I hardly slept at all last night. At first a guy was snorring – it actually sounded more like he was dieying – for a couple of hours. After that I was wide awake and didn‘ t sleep ‚til 2:30am or so. When I woke up around 7:30am I was so tired – and of course I didn‘ t hit the road today. This hostel makes it pretty easy NOT to leave. There are some quiet areas to chill here, some hammocks, a balcony, a kitchen, free wi-fi, hot showers, comfortable beds and included breakfast consisting of Pancakes, fruits, coffee and tea. The pedestrian mall is only a few blocks up the road and a grocery store just around the corner – all pretty convenient.

Since I had hardly seen anything of the city so far I wlked around for a while together with Sonja (from the Regensburg-area). We saw some nice plazas and cathedrals just before the rain started again. It‘ s usually pretty hard rain, but it makes the air cool of and makes the temperature very pleasant. Short stop at the grocery store on our way back where I bought some more Milka chocalate;-).

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