Day off – Tikal by bus

Deep dreamless sleep last night. After breakfast I decided to take a bus to Tikal. I was still pretty tired and there was no way that I was going back the 70 km on my bike, at least not today.

The minivan (60 Quetzales roundtrip) picked me up right in front of the hotel. Picking up other people in front of other hotels I got a tour of the small Island. The entrance-fee at Tikal was 150 Quetzales. I walked and walked and walked through the jungle and climbed the Temple IV. But the highlight were actually the 2 monkeys I saw playing in the trees.

After only 3 hours I was ready to take a bus back. I‘ m glad I went there, but it was enough.

Back in Flores I went to an internet-café and had dinner at Burger King after that.

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