Trek Stop – Flores

101,8 km, 6:35h, Ø 15,4 km/h, 796hm

Got up at 6am and left at 7:30am. The 6km to the border were easy rolling and the scenery the most beautiful part of Belize I‘ ve seen. Though I have to admit that I didn‘ t see that much of it, staying only on the main road except for the short side-trip to Crooked Tree.

Crossing the border was no problem, they didn‘ t even ask me any questions. After the border a 23km long part of dirt road started. I had to push my bike up 2 of those steep climbs – and doing so I was almost rolling down the hill again backwards!

The ATM at Melchor didn‘ t except my credit card and so I was really glad when I found a restaurant after 30 km that excepted US$. Cold coke never tasted so good!!!

Since I didn‘ t have cash and didn‘ t expect to be able to get any at Tikal I decided to cycle to Flores instead. A few km before I reached Flores I stopped at a big shopping center, got cash and bought some cold drinks. Together with many scooters and other motor-bikes I cycled across the bridge that connects Sta. Elena and Flores. In Flores I checked into the first hotel I saw. I was done, didn‘ t know what to do first – take a shower, eat, drink, sleep. Only had some cookies during the day and didn‘ t feel too well once I got off the bike. Ate dinner next door, BBQ-Chicken, salad and rice.

Back at the hotel I slept from 7pm to 9pm, still in my bike-clothes. Only stepped outside again to buy some water, then went back to sleep.

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