Waterfalls and ruins.


Otulum – Palenque

36,3km, 2:30h, Ø14,4 km/h, 503 hm


A short walk to the small waterfall of the owner of the CG we stayed. After a few km on the bike we cycled down to the Misol-Ha Waterfall. There were people blocking the road, but they opened it for us and didn‘ t even charge us. We were the only people down at the waterfall which was pretty nice.

Unfortunately the restaurant was out of service, due to some problems they are having there. On our way back up we saw that a car was stopped and wasn‘ t allowed to go down to the fall, so we werde really lucky.

A few km before Palenque I had another flat tire, great! Max helped me to change the tube and soon we were on our way again. Unfortunately I think I lost my “buff” there, too bad.

Breakfast, internet and grocery-shopping in the town of Palenque, then we cycled the last 7 km to a CG 2 km before the ruins. We pitched our tents there and then cycled – without luggage – to the ruins.

On my way back I met the couple from Belgium again who I met in Oaxaca a few weeks ago. They came to the CG to have dinner, so I joined them for a snack and a cold beer.

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