Climbing, camping and cold beer.


Okosingo – Otulum

116,2km, 7:39h, Ø14,4 km/h, 1598 hm


Long and hilly cycling day. We made a side-trip to the Agua-Azul waterfalls which was 4km downhill. After 2 1/2h km I got a flat tire and pushed my bike down there because Max and Wayne were waiting down there. It wasn‘ t such a smart idea because this way tube got a really big hole;-(.

Changed my tube while waiting for lunch at a restaurant. After taking a look at the waterfall we had to cycle up those 4 km again.

The way to our planned stop for the night turned out to be more than 10km longer and a lot more hilly as expected. It was almost dark by the time I saw Max waiting for me at the side of the road. I was pretty happy when he told me that there‘ s a place to camp just of the road.

A couple who already passed us in their car and offered us some empanadas out of the window came over and offered us some cold beer and empanadas! What a treat after a – for me – very hard day.

The owners of the Campground made us scrambled eggs and tortillas for dinner, so we didn‘ t even have to cook. It was the first time that I pitched my tent since mid-december!


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