Celaya – Querétaro

65,3 km, 3:56 h , Ø 16,5 km/h, 378 hm


It was a pretty bad night. There was a lot (loud) traffic just outside my window, it was freezing cold in my room and there were people talking long and loud inside the hotel at 3 am!!!

I ate breakfast at the hotel-restaurant. The beans were too dry but the scrambled eggs with bacon were pretty good. While I was eating a guy who worked at the hotel talked to me about my trip so far and the route I‘ ll take. He was very patient when there were things I didn‘ t understand (he spoke no englisch at all) and brought a road-atlas for Mexico so we could figure our some distances. All the people at the hotel were very friendly, helped me with my bike and my trailer.

By the time I left it was already 11:30am – it‘ s getting later and later… But in the early morning it‘ s just so cold, even thinking about leaving at 8 or 9 am makes me get goose-bumps!!!

It was easy to find my way out of the City. Today I didn‘ t try to get on the Cuota and stayed on the Libre the whole day. I guess this route was about 10km longer but it was nice to ride through some small towns and have the opportunity to buy food and drinks (though I didn‘ t need anything) or use the restroom at the gasstations once in a while.

Only some easy climbs today and a head/cross-wind. At 3pm I already arrived in Querétaro. I wrote down the address of a hostel I found on the internet, but at that address there was only a closed garage-door! Great! So I rode around the city forever, trying to find an affordable hotel. Everything I saw on the internet was VERY expensive, except for the hostel that wasn‘ t where it should have been. After 1 ½ hours of cycling around I asked at a hotel and the price was 350 Pesos. More as I wanted to spend, but cycling around the city so long stressed me so much that I didn‘ t really care, I just wanted to be there.

They don‘ t have wi-fi here but you can use the internet for 10 Pesos/hour. Walking around the city, which has many plazas and a big park, I saw a sign at one of those plazas that there‘ s an internet hotspot. Maybe it‘ s not too smart to sit there with my laptop after dark, but I‘ ll see what the atmoshere is like there. Usually there are many families out there in the evening.

My destination for tomorrow is San Juan del Rio.


CU Anja

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  1. Michael sagt:

    Glad you are back on the road full force.

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