Another flat tire:-(


Guanajuato – Irapuato

When I got up I knew that I was ready to leave – but not sure which way to go. When I stood with my bike outside the hostel I decided not to go to Dolores Hidalgo, my original plan. I was didn‘ t feel like climbin all those hills I had to expect there. Instead I was going south.

To get out of Guanajuato I cycled through a tunnel. The traffic wasn‘ t that bad, the cars waiting patient behind me until I got a chance to pull over. I guess they are used to cyclists, rolling Taco-Stands, dogs… on the road and I was just another obstacle in their way, nothing to complain about, though. The air in the tunnel was pretty bad, it was uphill and I was glad when I was out in the sun again. A long downhill ride followed. I cycled on the Libre today, sometimes there was a shoulder, sometimes there wasn‘ t. Since Irapuato, my destination, is 200 m lower in elevation as Guanajuato it was an easy day. I really enjoyed a day without much climbing. A strong crosswind was blowing during the last 20km. I think I cycled right through “strawberry-country”. Strawberries were sold everywhere. I didn‘ t have any though. Just stopped for a restroom and icecream-stop at a gasstation. That‘ s the nice thing about cycling on the Libre. There‘ s more life, you cycle through small towns that aren‘ t even on the map, people are selling food and there are gasstations. On the Cuota there‘ s usually is a wide shoulder and less traffic, but you are pretty isolated there. About 10 km before Irapuato a car stopped and a guy asked me about my trip. He said if I go to Morelia I should give him a call, that‘ s where he lives.

Cycling through Guanajuato to find the Centro was quite amusing. Uncountable people waved at me, pulled down their windows and chatted to me during a stop at a red traffic light. I got so many “thumbs up” – it was incredible!

I found a Hotel with internet for 220 Pesos and stayed there. It was only 2pm when I got there. So I took a quick shower and went to the “Lavanderia” to get my laundry done. Later I walked around town. Irapuato is not great but quite nice. But I‘ ve seen so many cities I really liked a lot in the last days (Tepatitlán, León, Guanajuato) that it‘ s hard to top that. There are some nice plazas in Irapuato. The big one I didn‘ t like too much because it‘ s too open, but there were some smaller plazas, too, with many trees and benches to hang out. At night I met those street musicians again who I talked to in Guanajuato already. I was too tired to listem to them, though, and walked back to my hotel after I finished my very good Strawberries with cream!

Earlier, when I carried my trailer up into my room I saw that it had a flat again!!! But at least I have enough patches now!

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