La Paz II


Today I tried to sleep in – but I was awake at 7am. So I went to the bakery again and – surprise – they had a lot of different pastries as yesterday. And they were good! When I came back from the bakery I saw Kristel from Belgium (we met her a couple times before) sitting at the computer of our Pension. She stayed here as well, tried to find us to share a room but noone knew about us. So she moved into our room which was quite a mess. Our stuff was spread out on the 2 extra beds and our clothes hang across the room on a leash to dry.

La Paz is a nice town, I like it here. The atmosphere is very positiv and the people here seem to be very relaxed. Along the water it is – of course – very touristy, but you can find restaurants and grocery stores a few blocks away which don‘ t charge you the “tourist price”.

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