Waiting for the ferry to Mazatlan


La Paz – Pichilingue

19 km

I didn‘ t go to bed ‚til 1:30 am last night because I was uploading pictures to my webalbum and surfing on the internet. Our french neighbors (about 6 of them) were still in a pretty good and loud mood by that time and when I woke up at 7 am I thought about accidentally bumping into their door a few times, but I just couldn‘ t do it.

Instead, what did I do? Right, I walked to the bakery to get some pastries and buns for breakfast! How did you know?!? At 2 pm our bikes were loaded and we pushed them out, just to stop a few meters later at a Taco-Stand. I had one taco de pescado (fish-taco) and one taco de camaron. They were pretty good and they had a lot of veggies to put in it there, but I didn‘ t like the corn tortillas too much. If I can choose I rather eat flour tortillas.

After stocking up on some groceries we were finally on our way to the ferry terminal at Pichilingue, about 17 km away from La Paz. There wasn‘ t much traffic and cycling was easy because we took our time. On our way we looked for a nice beach for a short swim, but we couldn‘ t find one that convinced us.

Around 5:30 pm we reached the ferry terminal with the last daylight. A guy who worked there told us that we had to wait until 7 pm to get to the ferry.

Around 6:30 pm we had some more tacos just across the street and exactly at 7 pm (we were very impressed) the gate opened to get to the ferry. We waited in line with the cars and trucks and when it was our turn the “ferry-people” laughed already. They didn‘ t really know how to fill out the form where they usually put the license plate number of the cars and stuff like that. They decided to write down the colors of our bikes (we got 2 copies) and told us which way to take. Though there were no signs it was well organized. There were people standing with flashlights, showing the right way. Before we could bord the ferry we had to show our copies to several people, some of them actually made fun of it, walked around our bikes with their flashlights and looked for our license plates. Unfortunately we didn‘ t get the joke at first because our spanish is not good enough for that, but since they laughed we knew that everything was alright.

While we unloaded our bikes truck-trailers were driven on the same deck. It will probably take a while before we can get back to our bikes once we reach Mazatlan, because they are standing in the middle of the deck.

We were very surprised when we entered our cabin because it‘ s quite big and we have our own bathroom with toilet and shower. Since the “Chihuaua” is an old scandinavien ferry the power-outlets are still european. It‘ s almost 10 pm now, we won‘ t leave ‚till 11 pm. Since I didn‘ t sleep much last night I‘ ll go to bed now – hoping that there won‘ t be too many loudspeaker announcements to keep me up.


Last greetings from Baja California,


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