Hot, hot, hot…


Bushcamping – Ciudad Constitution

60,9 km, total 5751,1 km

Not much to say about this day. I got up at 7am, just after sunset. We camped in the bush the last night and I slept very good. At 8:30 am the bikes were loaded and we were on the road which was mostly flat and very straight, 26 km to Ciudad Sergentes. There we stopped for breakfast, I had scrambled eggs with bacon and beans, what was very good. After a while we were on the road again which was still flat, but we were going south then, on a highway with 2 lanes in each direction. Except for some farmland there wasn‘ t much to see today.

After another 26 km we reached our final destination for the day, Ciudad Constitution (50000 people live here but it doesn‘ t seem that big). It was hot, 33 degrees C, when we started to check out some motel rates. We finally ended up in the “Paraiso del Valle”, sharing a pretty good sized and clean (except for some crickets) room with wi-fi. Walking around town, I saw a lot of christmas decoration. It really doesn‘ t feel like it‘ s christmas time here – and a decorated tree seems kind of strange to me when I‘ m sweating like crazy because it‘ s warmer than 30 degrees.

For dinner we had the best Quesa-Tacos here in Mexico so far!!!

We will try to make it to La Paz (210 km) in 2 days, stay there for a few days and then catch a ferry to Mazathlan on the main land.


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