Hills, beaches and aggressive US-drivers


Mulege – Rosarito

74,6 km, 5:10h, total 5527,6, hm 852


We left Bills‘ house at 9:45am and I was very unmotivated. I didn‘ t feel like another rest day either, so I just kept going.

After a while we reached Bahia Concepcion. That‘ s a Bay with white sandbeaches and it looked like a great place for a rest day. Eckart and Dave said yesterday that they would wait for us at La Réqueson, but we didn‘ t see them the whole day. The scenery was great the whole day and a nice change to cycling through cactuses and desert. But it was very hilly and I had a hard time.

In Aguajito, at the south end of the Bahia (we didn‘ t know that it was the end), we stopped at a Taqueria. We didn‘ t have lunch by that time and hoped for another Taqueria before leaving the Bahia because we didn‘ t feel like eating there. Since there was no other Taqueria we stopped in the shade of a tree at the side of the road and had lunch there.

I still wasn‘ t in a good mood and had a hard time to go at the same speed as Sebastien and Sara. Many cars with US plates passed us today and quite a few of them drove very aggressive, honked at us and some even drove by very close on purpose. The mexican people and truck drivers are definitely driving mor carefully when they pass us.

About 2 minutes before sunset we arrived in Rosarito, a town that only consists of 2 houses and one Taqueria. We asked if we could camp there and it was no problem. The people there asked us many questions about our trip and watched us while we pitched our tents. We had dinner there, Burritos de Machaca, Tacos de Pescado and Cerveza. They parked their car close to us and we thought they wanted to work on it, but they used the car battery to make some light!

When we asked if there was a toilet the all laughed, pointed all around them and said that the toilet is everywhere;-). We were just glad we didn‘ t ask for a shower!!!

At 8:30pm I was in my tent, close to the road. The passing cars were pretty loud but I fell asleep right away, I was exhausted. Only 1 ½ hours later I woke up because there were dogs barking, people talking and lights on our tents. After a while it was calm again and I fell asleep again.

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